$15,000 Stingray Sneakers

Recently there has been talk about the inflation in Jordan Brand prices.  If you have problem shelling out $160 for a pair of retros then you might have a problem buying a pair of sneakers that cost more than a Smart Car.  With luxury brands using pony hair, snakeskin, and other animals parts, the designers at Rayfish Footwear decided to up the ante.  For $14,8000 Rayfish Footwear will breed a “genetically modified” pair of stingrays to your color preferences and pattern to make you a pair of sneakers or shoes.  If you feel like no one can “sea” you when it comes to swag, why not drop the 15 stack for a pair.  I’m sure not even Aqua Man himself has these yet.  More pics after the jump.

Source: Maxim & Rayfish Footwear


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