5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

arnold48We all know January is the most packed month for the gym.  Soon as February hits those New Year’s resolutions seem to decimate.  Here are a few investments for your workout that will hopefully push you to continue working throughout the next 11 months.  Checkout the 5 essentials for working out this year and becoming a new you after the jump.jaybird-freedom-coverJaybird Headphones These headphones are designed to comfortably clip to your ears and remain in place in the extreme MMA crossfit training.  Pass on those Beats by Dr.Dre and pickup a pair here.

nike-flyknit-racer-5Nike Flyknit Racer/Trainer Arguarbly ranked one of the best designed sneakers of 2012, the Flyknit is light, comfortable, and sure to make workouts a better easier on your feet.  Cop here.

Red_Band_and_UP_App_610x396Jawbone Wristband UP Not only does this wristband help you at the jump, but also with your life.  It tracks the way you sleep, eat, move and gives you feed back on ways to improve your life.  Wealth is Health.  Drop your $130 here.

arnold-schwarzenegger-shirt-t-shirt-80steesMotivational Tee Shirt Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, who it may be to get you motivated, throw a tee shirt with face and channel their inner being.  Use all the motivation you can to push your fat ass into shape.  You can find plenty of these shirts at UrbanOutfitters.

slide5Workout Apps Let your apps get you some abs.  Tell Siri to help you a new workout app that may help you stay on track to meet your health goals.  If you don’t know which one to choice.  Here is a Top 5 Workout Apps List from Men’s Health.


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