Justene Jaro x Estevan Oriol

I found this gem on my timeline earlier today. Estevan Oriol, famous Photographer from Los Angeles, recently released the tee-shirt above featuring, the oh so sexy, Justene Jaro. You can purchase this piece of eye candy for a mere 24 bucks from Merch Method’s online store.


Is that jacket Margiela?

Reversible Down Jacket by Martin Margiela

Winter is a hop, skip, and a jump away and if you plan on staying warm with a high price budget, this 1,985.USD reversible down jacket by Martin Margiela is perfect for you. More pics after the jump…

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Black Scale Spring/Summer Video Lookbook

Black Scale Spring/Summer 2011 Video Lookbook from Black Scale on Vimeo.

Black Scale is a clothing brand from my new home city, San Francisco, California. In my opinion, out of all of the dope clothing lines that this city has to offer, Black Scale offers the most quality with their clean & simplistic designs. Above is a video displaying the items that you see when you step off that elevator into their flagship store on 55 Grant Ave in the heart of Frisco’s Shopping District. Shout out to the homie @MARSBLVCK.

Football Cops starring Peyton & Eli Manning

With the lockout still alive, NFL players have been extremely creative and open-minded about choosing alternative ways to rake in the big bucks. Below is the trailer for a mini series starring Super Bowl quarterbacks, Peyton & Eli Manning, and it’s hilarious! Check it out!

Year of the Bike

NSW Far East Chino

Big brand names like Nike and Levi are going out of their way to recognize the motorless commuters of the world. Nike Sportswear, aka NSW, has a sweet pair chinos made special for those Quicksilver¬†¬†moments and Levi’s Commuter Series features a pair of pants with lots of bells and whistles as well as a jean jacket that could be worn during Tour De France.¬†

Levi's 511 Commuter Series

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