Fresh Off the Boat w/ Eddie Huang: Taiwan Part 2

Take a trip with Eddie Huang as he continues his journey through his homeland Taiwan.  Watch him as he eats out of toilet bowls, creates a interesting “fashion” runway event, and indulge in great eatery of Taiwanese culture.  Enjoy and Stamp Your Lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sony Waterproof MP3 Player

sony-waterproof-walkmanIf you watched the Olympics this summer and got inspired by Michael Phelps we have something to keep you motivated, the Sony W Series Walkman.  Now this may not have you setting records, but you can listen to the Michael Phelps playlist consumed of Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, and whatever hip-hop star you want to include.  For a cool $99 you can purchase this all in one music player.  Drop your Benjamin here.

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Watch Roll

worn-wound-watch-rollLike many people, you have probably thrown out of the box to your watch or it can be hassle when traveling to pack.  Treat your watches with respect and pick up a Watch Roll by Worn & Wound.  You won’t have to worry about scratches when this American brown leather is protecting your wrist wear.  Click here if you really know what time it is.

Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan

One of our web series from is back with another episode of Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang.  In this adventure Eddie is hitting up Taiwan to do what he usually does, EAT & CHILL.  But in the midst of grubbing he gets to dive in conversation about what it means to be Taiwanese.  Kick it with Eddie and learn something through his purview by watching the video above.  Enjoy and don’t forget to Stamp Your Lifestyle.

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FoundersCard: The Black Card for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

founderscard-600Cars are cool, houses are nice, but what really can show your wealth is what’s in your wallet.  Here’s a card that represents a lifestyle.  Luxury hotels, airlines, business services can all be received through the FoundersCard.  Through obtaining a card members will have the opportunity to meet up if other members of the elite at monthly events around the world.  (I’m pretty sure you find something in common) Drop $495 here to apply for you card today and good luck on being welcomed to the club.

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mutomboFirst Ewing Athletics made a comeback in the sneaker game in late 2012 and now looks as if another retired NBA Center will be making one as well.  Adidas will be dropping the Dikembe Mutombo this year sporting the tribal patterns inspired by his African heritage.  These sneakers were not on a lot of sneakerheads radars but, after a picture of Teyana Taylor in a pair and a few hypebeast blast the shoe seems to be building some steam.  Check out some more colorways and pics here.

5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

arnold48We all know January is the most packed month for the gym.  Soon as February hits those New Year’s resolutions seem to decimate.  Here are a few investments for your workout that will hopefully push you to continue working throughout the next 11 months.  Checkout the 5 essentials for working out this year and becoming a new you after the jump. Continue reading 5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year