Watch Roll

worn-wound-watch-rollLike many people, you have probably thrown out of the box to your watch or it can be hassle when traveling to pack.  Treat your watches with respect and pick up a Watch Roll by Worn & Wound.  You won’t have to worry about scratches when this American brown leather is protecting your wrist wear.  Click here if you really know what time it is.



mutomboFirst Ewing Athletics made a comeback in the sneaker game in late 2012 and now looks as if another retired NBA Center will be making one as well.  Adidas will be dropping the Dikembe Mutombo this year sporting the tribal patterns inspired by his African heritage.  These sneakers were not on a lot of sneakerheads radars but, after a picture of Teyana Taylor in a pair and a few hypebeast blast the shoe seems to be building some steam.  Check out some more colorways and pics here.

Tie Mags

tie-mags-xl-thumb-630xauto-25446Tie accessories can be fickle.  A tie chain can ruin your tailored ensemble, but a clean tie bar can be a perfect finishing touch.  Tie Mags contends to bring something extra to the game with their industrial strength magnets that can hold your tie in place regardless of a windy environment or trying to keep your tie in place while boning your secretary in the copier room.  Drop a few bucks here and put your money where your tie is.

Get Dressed Interactively with GQ Magazine

Ed-Westwick-Previews-GQ-Fall-Fashion-ed-westwick-6721356-480-480As GQ continues to be a staple in Men’s fashion, they currently have setup a interactive closet for you to set a few high dress shirts and ties.  Pick up to a 100 styles (10 shirt + 10 ties differentation) and decide which one you like the most.  Click right here and have your stylist send us a Thank You card.

Source: GQ

Bottega Veneta Shirt Boxes

bottega-shirt-cases I know plenty of you reading this have been wondering where to put your thousand dollar shirts when your on the move? (crickets)  Bottega Veneta allows you to carry your favorite tops in their artisan-crafted shirts boxes for a price of $690.  Your wardrobe of Marshall’s dress shirts probably doesn’t even equal close to that price, but we can all wish can’t we.  But if you happen to have the funds, then click here.  Then donate money to Passport Paper. (Just joking, but we’re serious)

Source: GQ

Prada Chess Set

pradaLife is a game of chess and why not live it out in Prada.  The Italian label is know for detail to luxury apparel has crafted a sleek chess set that will cost you $3,650.  I’m sure you won’t see one of these being played on in Washington Square Park anytime soon. If you know someone who is an avid player and you have a few bucks in the bank a chess set is a great holiday present.  Click here to purchase.

Demerit Badges



Buttons, pins, and badges are all great accessories to a plain item.  Through a couple of these on your varsity jacket or backpack this season.  Yeah you’re Boy Scout days of getting a Demerit Badge for learning to start a fire with branches are over, how about receiving one for doing something brave like making it to the toilet to throw up or drinking 100 cans of PBR in a day.  Get your badges here for $4 a pop.

Source: Cool Material