Fan is HURT to find his favorite player got traded

Do you remember that moment when you found out that Michael Jordan was going to Wizards?? Now picture being at the Bulls game, dressed in full Chicago regalia, great seats by the tunnel where he going to come out……..and then…….he……never…..comes…..out!!! It’s a WTF moment!!! Well this poor guy had one and it hurts.


Fresh Off the Boat w/ Eddie Huang: Taiwan Part 2

Take a trip with Eddie Huang as he continues his journey through his homeland Taiwan.  Watch him as he eats out of toilet bowls, creates a interesting “fashion” runway event, and indulge in great eatery of Taiwanese culture.  Enjoy and Stamp Your Lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Vice

Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan

One of our web series from is back with another episode of Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang.  In this adventure Eddie is hitting up Taiwan to do what he usually does, EAT & CHILL.  But in the midst of grubbing he gets to dive in conversation about what it means to be Taiwanese.  Kick it with Eddie and learn something through his purview by watching the video above.  Enjoy and don’t forget to Stamp Your Lifestyle.

Source: Vice

FoundersCard: The Black Card for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

founderscard-600Cars are cool, houses are nice, but what really can show your wealth is what’s in your wallet.  Here’s a card that represents a lifestyle.  Luxury hotels, airlines, business services can all be received through the FoundersCard.  Through obtaining a card members will have the opportunity to meet up if other members of the elite at monthly events around the world.  (I’m pretty sure you find something in common) Drop $495 here to apply for you card today and good luck on being welcomed to the club.

Source: Uncrate

5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

arnold48We all know January is the most packed month for the gym.  Soon as February hits those New Year’s resolutions seem to decimate.  Here are a few investments for your workout that will hopefully push you to continue working throughout the next 11 months.  Checkout the 5 essentials for working out this year and becoming a new you after the jump. Continue reading 5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

Just Mount iPhone Wall Mount

JustMount-iPhone-Wall-Mount-1You put your phone down when you get home and 5 minutes later its gone.  Instead of having to check all over the house (and your girlfriend’s sticky hands) just get you a Just Mount to keep your iPhone, keys, and other important items within eyesight.  If you haven’t figured it out, Just Mount is a strong magnet you put on you wall.  Another cool feature is that with the Tidy Tilt+ app the phone will magnetically attach to other surfaces.  Since this is  a Kickstarter project you can only purchase one for now.  Sorry.  Get connected here.

Stylebook Men: Closet Organizer App

style-book-appHappy New Year Passporters!!!! I hope your holiday was filled with plenty of family, friends, and love.  Kicking off 2013 I’m sure you’re looking for new ways to be “put together”.  You ever been out and wonder what you going to where tonight, tomorrow, or for your next vacation, but can’t remember what you have in your closet?  Well that problem has been solved with this Closet Organizer by Stylebook Men.  For $3.99 save time and a headache by having your closet on your mobile device.  Download at the Mac app store.