Fan is HURT to find his favorite player got traded

Do you remember that moment when you found out that Michael Jordan was going to Wizards?? Now picture being at the Bulls game, dressed in full Chicago regalia, great seats by the tunnel where he going to come out……..and then…….he……never…..comes…..out!!! It’s a WTF moment!!! Well this poor guy had one and it hurts.


Fresh Off the Boat – Los Angeles Part 2

Eddie Huang is back with Part 2 of the Los Angeles saga of Fresh Off the Boat, this time visiting some of his friends on the east side. This web series allows you to leave your provincial mindset and take a trip to areas you may not visit.  Travel with Eddie on his journey as he meets people around the world who continuously Stamp their Lifestyle.

Source: Vice

How to Repair Your Worn and Torn Denim

We all have that staple pair of jeans that we go to complete a great outfit.  Overtime many of these jeans experience a little abuse. The good people at Nudie Jeans have decided to come up with a video to help us out when are favorite pair of denim experiences some wear and tear.  Check out the video above.

Source: GQ

Wiz Khalifa x Complex Magazine Cover Photoshoot

Wiz Khalifa seems to be having a really good run this year, becoming one of the top earning rappers, gracing the covers of many magazines, making movies with Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, and soon to be a father.  Wiz sheds light on how he stamps his lifestyle in this Behind the Scenes photoshoot with Complex Magazine October issue.  Watch it above.

Laugh Of The Week: Plenty Of Fish… Fish

Now, we don’t know the actual details of this case, and I’d bet a pretty penny Chris Brown and Ocho have done worse and gotten less, but this should be a lesson to all of you youngins headed back to school in the coming weeks… No matter how bad she is, she ain’t worth your freedom.  This young kid had dreams of playing D1 basketball and now after the alleged assault and kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend, he can only hope to make The All Cell Block Team!  Always remember, you can either look for new fish, or become new fish.

Nigel Slyvester – Live The Dream (Episode 7)

Some of you are reading this from a cubicle at a job that you don’t necessarily love, but are comfortable enough you don’t go after your dreams. BMX icon Nigel Slyvester talks about his ideas of what Living the Dream is. They’re few videos that I come across that perfectly display the pursuit of finding your passion like this. Watch, enjoy, and inspire to be better. And don’t forget Stamp Your Lifestyle.