DSLR Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

If you are a spouse or love interest of a professional or amateur photogs out there, I think we’ve found the perfect gift! All photogs drink coffee (ok, probably not all but go with it) because of the grueling unpredictable schedule. So why not marry the two and wala….I give you the Camera Lens Cup!! Continue reading DSLR Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mug


Fan is HURT to find his favorite player got traded

Do you remember that moment when you found out that Michael Jordan was going to Wizards?? Now picture being at the Bulls game, dressed in full Chicago regalia, great seats by the tunnel where he going to come out……..and then…….he……never…..comes…..out!!! It’s a WTF moment!!! Well this poor guy had one and it hurts.

2 Chainz – GOOD Morning (Europe Version)

I know, we usually don’t do music videos here at Passport Paper, but I love the visuals and energy so what the hell? Listen, watch, and act ratchet! 2 Chhhhaaaaiiiiinnnnzzzzz!!!!!

Classic Movie Action Figures

custom-movie-action-figures-xlIt looks like the 40-Year Old Virgin is finally selling of his toys figurines this holiday season.  For the grown up kids who embrace their nostalgic ways, here are few classics to add to your collection.  Custom Movie Action Figures are inspired from classic films and are custom made with special packaging.  Click here to purchase this for the holidays coming up and see all the other figurines available.

Art In The Wild: Metal Grows on Trees

While walking through the historic streets of Philly, I came across a bit of art in it’s purest, natural form. How did these 2 distinctly different inanimate items come to coexist as one…the answer may never be known. Continue reading Art In The Wild: Metal Grows on Trees