DSLR Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

If you are a spouse or love interest of a professional or amateur photogs out there, I think we’ve found the perfect gift! All photogs drink coffee (ok, probably not all but go with it) because of the grueling unpredictable schedule. So why not marry the two and wala….I give you the Camera Lens Cup!! Continue reading DSLR Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mug


Sony Waterproof MP3 Player

sony-waterproof-walkmanIf you watched the Olympics this summer and got inspired by Michael Phelps we have something to keep you motivated, the Sony W Series Walkman.  Now this may not have you setting records, but you can listen to the Michael Phelps playlist consumed of Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, and whatever hip-hop star you want to include.  For a cool $99 you can purchase this all in one music player.  Drop your Benjamin here.

Source: BlessThisStuff

Just Mount iPhone Wall Mount

JustMount-iPhone-Wall-Mount-1You put your phone down when you get home and 5 minutes later its gone.  Instead of having to check all over the house (and your girlfriend’s sticky hands) just get you a Just Mount to keep your iPhone, keys, and other important items within eyesight.  If you haven’t figured it out, Just Mount is a strong magnet you put on you wall.  Another cool feature is that with the Tidy Tilt+ app the phone will magnetically attach to other surfaces.  Since this is  a Kickstarter project you can only purchase one for now.  Sorry.  Get connected here.

Stylebook Men: Closet Organizer App

style-book-appHappy New Year Passporters!!!! I hope your holiday was filled with plenty of family, friends, and love.  Kicking off 2013 I’m sure you’re looking for new ways to be “put together”.  You ever been out and wonder what you going to where tonight, tomorrow, or for your next vacation, but can’t remember what you have in your closet?  Well that problem has been solved with this Closet Organizer by Stylebook Men.  For $3.99 save time and a headache by having your closet on your mobile device.  Download at the Mac app store.

Beats by Dr.Dre Invades Your Helmets

poc-beats-helmet-xl-thumb-630xauto-25378Just when you trying to decide how you were going to fit your Beats by Dr.Dre headphones inside your skateboard helmet, Poc Receptor Bug Communication Helmet comes along to save the day.  The helmet also comes with feature as an in-line remote and an EPS liner.  For a cool $330 you can protect your neck while listening to Wu-Tang at the same time.  Purchase here.

Source: Uncrate

The Inebriator: A Robot Bartender

Welcome to the future of throwing a great house party.  The Inebriator is a electronic bar that uses an LCD screen to precisely mad you desired cocktail.  If you’re in a 12 step program, I would advise you to turn your head if you ever see one of these.  Click here if you interested in taking your personal bar to the year 2020.

Prada Chess Set

pradaLife is a game of chess and why not live it out in Prada.  The Italian label is know for detail to luxury apparel has crafted a sleek chess set that will cost you $3,650.  I’m sure you won’t see one of these being played on in Washington Square Park anytime soon. If you know someone who is an avid player and you have a few bucks in the bank a chess set is a great holiday present.  Click here to purchase.