mutomboFirst Ewing Athletics made a comeback in the sneaker game in late 2012 and now looks as if another retired NBA Center will be making one as well.  Adidas will be dropping the Dikembe Mutombo this year sporting the tribal patterns inspired by his African heritage.  These sneakers were not on a lot of sneakerheads radars but, after a picture of Teyana Taylor in a pair and a few hypebeast blast the shoe seems to be building some steam.  Check out some more colorways and pics here.


5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

arnold48We all know January is the most packed month for the gym.  Soon as February hits those New Year’s resolutions seem to decimate.  Here are a few investments for your workout that will hopefully push you to continue working throughout the next 11 months.  Checkout the 5 essentials for working out this year and becoming a new you after the jump. Continue reading 5 Investments for Hitting the Gym This Year

Just Mount iPhone Wall Mount

JustMount-iPhone-Wall-Mount-1You put your phone down when you get home and 5 minutes later its gone.  Instead of having to check all over the house (and your girlfriend’s sticky hands) just get you a Just Mount to keep your iPhone, keys, and other important items within eyesight.  If you haven’t figured it out, Just Mount is a strong magnet you put on you wall.  Another cool feature is that with the Tidy Tilt+ app the phone will magnetically attach to other surfaces.  Since this is  a Kickstarter project you can only purchase one for now.  Sorry.  Get connected here.

Tie Mags

tie-mags-xl-thumb-630xauto-25446Tie accessories can be fickle.  A tie chain can ruin your tailored ensemble, but a clean tie bar can be a perfect finishing touch.  Tie Mags contends to bring something extra to the game with their industrial strength magnets that can hold your tie in place regardless of a windy environment or trying to keep your tie in place while boning your secretary in the copier room.  Drop a few bucks here and put your money where your tie is.

Stylebook Men: Closet Organizer App

style-book-appHappy New Year Passporters!!!! I hope your holiday was filled with plenty of family, friends, and love.  Kicking off 2013 I’m sure you’re looking for new ways to be “put together”.  You ever been out and wonder what you going to where tonight, tomorrow, or for your next vacation, but can’t remember what you have in your closet?  Well that problem has been solved with this Closet Organizer by Stylebook Men.  For $3.99 save time and a headache by having your closet on your mobile device.  Download at the Mac app store.

Get Dressed Interactively with GQ Magazine

Ed-Westwick-Previews-GQ-Fall-Fashion-ed-westwick-6721356-480-480As GQ continues to be a staple in Men’s fashion, they currently have setup a interactive closet for you to set a few high dress shirts and ties.  Pick up to a 100 styles (10 shirt + 10 ties differentation) and decide which one you like the most.  Click right here and have your stylist send us a Thank You card.

Source: GQ

Beats by Dr.Dre Invades Your Helmets

poc-beats-helmet-xl-thumb-630xauto-25378Just when you trying to decide how you were going to fit your Beats by Dr.Dre headphones inside your skateboard helmet, Poc Receptor Bug Communication Helmet comes along to save the day.  The helmet also comes with feature as an in-line remote and an EPS liner.  For a cool $330 you can protect your neck while listening to Wu-Tang at the same time.  Purchase here.

Source: Uncrate