mutomboFirst Ewing Athletics made a comeback in the sneaker game in late 2012 and now looks as if another retired NBA Center will be making one as well.  Adidas will be dropping the Dikembe Mutombo this year sporting the tribal patterns inspired by his African heritage.  These sneakers were not on a lot of sneakerheads radars but, after a picture of Teyana Taylor in a pair and a few hypebeast blast the shoe seems to be building some steam.  Check out some more colorways and pics here.


5 Sneakers We Look Forward To This Year x Black History Month Edition

Today starts the beginning of February which is also “Black History Month”.  In a Passport Paper way we decide to shine some light on a few all black kicks.  Hey if you’re not out marching the streets or visiting any civil rights landmarks, you can at least cop a pair of black sneakers.  Check out are 5 Black Sneakers List after the jump. Continue reading 5 Sneakers We Look Forward To This Year x Black History Month Edition

Adidas Originals x James Bond for David Beckham Supersaddle 80s

It seems as of lately, Adidas has been experimenting more with dress and casual sneakers.  As we can see with this latest installment to the  Adidas Originals by Original James Bond for David Beck collection, the Supersaddle 80s are a good look.  Mesh tongue, suede toe/heel, with leather on the uppers and lace gives the sneaker a clean look.  Continue reading Adidas Originals x James Bond for David Beckham Supersaddle 80s

Adidas FT 60

Most of the time I try to keep my Adidas clean and basic such as the Rod Laver collection, but the Adidas FT 60 is a great summer time sneaker.  The black, metallic, and orange highlights make the shoe stand out.  For $65, grab you a pair here and put on those camo shorts that you’ve been wearing 4 times a week.

Graffiti Ballpoint Pen

For all of you graffiti B-Boys who turned in your life of tagging walls for tagging Facebook photos during your 45 min. lunch break in your work cubicle, I may have a solution to rejuvenate your life again.  The Graffiti Pen allows you to use ink like a traditional ballpoint pen or tag up your time sheets with the spray nozzle click top.  It comes with a refill so you can continue you tagging.  For $30 you can purchase this here.


Passport Paper Summer Time Footwear

Well summer time is getting close and if you’re anywhere besides the Northeast it might already feel like June 21st.  Passport Paper has choose a couple of shoes aka “skips” that may fit the no socks/ankle socks and cargo short lovers out there.

Continue reading Passport Paper Summer Time Footwear