Pix & Stix – Become Travis Barker on your iPad

For those who have tried to play Garage Band on your iPad with a pair of chopsticks, I’m sure you probably broke your device.  Here’s the solution to you becoming an iPad drummer without having to make a trip to the Genius Bar afterwards, Pix & Sticks.  A Melbourne, Australia company designed a pair of drumsticks with electro conducive rubber tips that allows you to play on your iPad without breaking it.  The drumsticks also come with a electro conducive guitar pick for those who are feeling like John Mayer.  You can purchase both for about $16 here.


Foot Locker Art Prize: $50,001 Sneaker Coloring Competition

Yes Foot Locker is now offering the World’s Richest Coloring Contest ($50,001) which beats the Archibald Prize by $1.  The contest is open to everyone, that means 3-year-old kids, street artist, your parents can all get in on the action.  The only catch is that you have to be a resident of Australia or New Zealand. (If you know anyone in that area I would send my work to them to enter)  You have 8 sneaker templates to choose from such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas. Go to footlockerartprize.com for entries. June 20, 2011 is that last day to submit your work.