Fresh Off the Boat w/ Eddie Huang: Taiwan Part 2

Take a trip with Eddie Huang as he continues his journey through his homeland Taiwan.  Watch him as he eats out of toilet bowls, creates a interesting “fashion” runway event, and indulge in great eatery of Taiwanese culture.  Enjoy and Stamp Your Lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Vice


Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan

One of our web series from is back with another episode of Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang.  In this adventure Eddie is hitting up Taiwan to do what he usually does, EAT & CHILL.  But in the midst of grubbing he gets to dive in conversation about what it means to be Taiwanese.  Kick it with Eddie and learn something through his purview by watching the video above.  Enjoy and don’t forget to Stamp Your Lifestyle.

Source: Vice

Fresh Off the Boat – Los Angeles Part 2

Eddie Huang is back with Part 2 of the Los Angeles saga of Fresh Off the Boat, this time visiting some of his friends on the east side. This web series allows you to leave your provincial mindset and take a trip to areas you may not visit.  Travel with Eddie on his journey as he meets people around the world who continuously Stamp their Lifestyle.

Source: Vice

Fresh Off the Boat – Los Angeles Part 1

By now you should know besides great editorials,  VICE drops some of the best documentaries and informative videos online.  One of our favorite series is Fresh Off the Boat.  Watch Eddie Huang as he travels to the West Coast to visit some of his Persian friends in Los Angeles, CA for a lesson on Persian tapestry, brain sandwiches, and some hookah with pretty ladies.

Source: Vice

Eddie Huang Hits the Bay Area, Smokes some Grass, and eats w/ Rice Paper Scissors

First off sorry for the delay in post, but the people at Passport Paper have been dealing with real world and took a short vacay.  (Now back to the video). Eddie Huang is a New York based chef who has started his web series Fresh Off the Boat to spread light on cultural connections through food.  Mr. Huang makes his way to San Francisco to hang out with the ladies of  Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese pop-up eatery.  Check out the video and catch the rest of his episodes over at VICE.

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