Fan is HURT to find his favorite player got traded

Do you remember that moment when you found out that Michael Jordan was going to Wizards?? Now picture being at the Bulls game, dressed in full Chicago regalia, great seats by the tunnel where he going to come out……..and then…….he……never…..comes…..out!!! It’s a WTF moment!!! Well this poor guy had one and it hurts.


Wanna piss a kid off…tell ’em you ate their Halloween Candy

So, Jimmy Kimmel had parents record themselves telling their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. Can you say MELTDOWN CITY??? Need a laugh today, watch below!

Ugly Girls In Sunglasses

If the first thing your boyfriend says to you before he reluctantly takes you out is, “Hey Babe, you’re going to wear your sunglasses right??”

Chances are he doesn’t think that highly of you. #imjustsayin

By the way, I’m glad someone other than just me has thought about this epidemic sweeping the nation. I knew I wasn’t the only one!!