Get Dressed Interactively with GQ Magazine

Ed-Westwick-Previews-GQ-Fall-Fashion-ed-westwick-6721356-480-480As GQ continues to be a staple in Men’s fashion, they currently have setup a interactive closet for you to set a few high dress shirts and ties.  Pick up to a 100 styles (10 shirt + 10 ties differentation) and decide which one you like the most.  Click right here and have your stylist send us a Thank You card.

Source: GQ


A Brief History of Rappers on GQ Magazine Covers

With YMCMB’s artist Drake recently gracing the cover of GQ’s April issue, the Passport Paper team decided to do a little research. GQ has been the premier men’s magazine for over 50 years and has featured plenty of top athletes, models, actors, and entertainers. With the genre of hip hop only being born in the late 70’s and early 80’s it’s no surprise that a rapper wasn’t seen on a cover til many years down the line. By now we know that rap music is more than a fad and even “gentlemen” like to listen to Rick Ross every once in a while. If you don’t see a rapper on the cover then I can guarantee you there’s an article inside that’s involving one. So it seems rap has become more than music and evolved into an undeniable lifestyle. Check out the brief history of “GQ” Rappers after the jump.

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“How to Make it in America” moving to another Network!?!

It seems that Ben and Cam’s journey of pursuing their Crisp dream may not be over.  Last month HBO announced they were axing the How to Make it in America series after two season.  Executive Producer, Mark Wahlberg discussed with GQ saying he’s looking into moving the show to another network.  Looks like the show itself is having it troubles of How to Make it on Television. Passport Paper has discussed our love/hate relationship with the show numerous times of the great concept, but underdeveloped storyline the show displays.  But all in all we would love to see a comeback so Marky Mark show us what you got.

Source: Complex & GQ

GQ’s Best Men’s Designer Varsity Jackets

One thing that never seems to go out of style are varsity jackets.  You’re school’s varsity jacket may be descent, but here are a few designer ones has come up with for this Fall/Winter.   Check out the selection after the jump. Continue reading GQ’s Best Men’s Designer Varsity Jackets