Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Chris Bosh)


Yup Levi Maestro is back with his new episode of Maestro Knows with special guest Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh. The video takes place Pre 2012 NBA Championship and takes a look at Bosh’s love for the game of basketball as well as his sneaker collection. This video is inspiration to keep reaching for your goals and once you reach them, KEEP GOING. Also support Levi Maestro’s new clothing line STRO.



Maestro Knows – “Spread Love” & “Jim Jonson”

Levi drops two episodes of Maestro Knows yesterday.  Following him as he kicks it with Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin during All-Star weekend.  Then watch him as he hits the studio and race track with Jim Jonson after the jump.

Source: Maestro Knows

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Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Frones)

Ambition and passion can take you to more places than you can imagine.  Levi Maestro displays his combination of both and has been sharing the results with us for several years on Maestro Knows.  On this episode he shows us his 2 year process of collaborating with California skateboard shoe company Vans.  Levi even shows us his girlfriend modeling his footwear (we see you Maestro!).  Check out the video and support this guy.  If you don’t he’ll still continue to do big things.

Source: Maestro Knows

Maestro Knows-Special Edition (Hit-Boy)

If you know anything about Passport Paper, you know we like people who “Stamp” their “Lifestyle”.  Levi Maestro happens to be one of those people. Here is his latest video and be sure to check out maestroknows for more videos and blog info. If you like this video, look for our @_Broadway_ video coming soon.