Sony Waterproof MP3 Player

sony-waterproof-walkmanIf you watched the Olympics this summer and got inspired by Michael Phelps we have something to keep you motivated, the Sony W Series Walkman.  Now this may not have you setting records, but you can listen to the Michael Phelps playlist consumed of Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, and whatever hip-hop star you want to include.  For a cool $99 you can purchase this all in one music player.  Drop your Benjamin here.

Source: BlessThisStuff


Red & Blue PS3 Slim Consoles…Gang Members Rejoice

Now Passport Paper does not promote any gang or criminal activity, but we’re sure Lil Wayne and plenty of other gangster affiliated musicians have pre-ordered one of these colorful Sony PS3s.  Releasing in November in Japan, the Splash Blue and Scarlet Red Consoles will come with a 320GB of storage.  Both colors are pretty cool, but I think I’ll remain neutral.