Yves Saint Laurent Abstract Tee

I’ve never been a fan of clothing brands that billboard their logo, but Yves Saint Laurent seems to be one I don’t mind. Dressing their YSL imprint with the Eiffel Tower and exotic birds makes this tee Passport Paper approved. Click here if you’re interested.

Source: Zoo Fashions


Mother’s Day x Hooters x Bone….less Wings

When you think of Mother’s Day, you obviously think of Hooters and boneless wings. And since Hooters knows this, they are offering 10 free wings to mother’s who come in on the 13th.

Nothing quite says, “Mom, I love you and thank you for bringing me into this world and being an inspiration.” like boobs, wings and beer….right??!?!!? So skip the flowers and bring mom to Hooters. Maybe she can meet your future ex-girlfriend and mother of her future grandchild if you’re lucky.

(PS…don’t wear sweatpants. Thx)

Passport Paper Visits the ABV Gallery’s “Drink & Doodle Vol. 15”


Last Wednesday I stopped by the ABV Gallery for their Drink & Doodle Vol. 15. Located in Atlanta, I occasionally stop by the gallery ever since I discovered artist @gregmike a couple of years back. His artwork can be seen all over Atlanta, from restaurant buildings in Lil 5 points to his signature Loud Mouth stickers which seem to be everywhere. It’s always cool to see a brand grow and someone following their dream. Check out more pics from the Drink & Doodle after the jump.

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Alley Capellino Olympic Boxing Bag

It’s about time you ditched your nylon gym bag with the holes in it, and go for something a little more upscale. Who said gentlemen didn’t box? Even if you’re no Muhammad Ali, you can still look good outside of the ring. Pull out all of your fighting gear and click here to purchase.

Source: Nylon Guys

A Brief History of Rappers on GQ Magazine Covers

With YMCMB’s artist Drake recently gracing the cover of GQ’s April issue, the Passport Paper team decided to do a little research. GQ has been the premier men’s magazine for over 50 years and has featured plenty of top athletes, models, actors, and entertainers. With the genre of hip hop only being born in the late 70’s and early 80’s it’s no surprise that a rapper wasn’t seen on a cover til many years down the line. By now we know that rap music is more than a fad and even “gentlemen” like to listen to Rick Ross every once in a while. If you don’t see a rapper on the cover then I can guarantee you there’s an article inside that’s involving one. So it seems rap has become more than music and evolved into an undeniable lifestyle. Check out the brief history of “GQ” Rappers after the jump.

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The Women Of The Fresh Prince

Last week we put together our top 5 sitcom couples, and now that all of that love stuff is over, let’s focus on how you’re really suppose to do it. Will Smith took advantage of being the star of the show by bringing in damn near all of the hottest black female stars of that time. Some… Ok, most of these ladies careers have stalled, but in the 90’s decade, they were atop of many “fly girl” list. Checkout our bracket, and see if there’s any upsets after the jump.

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The Life and Times of Tito Five Vol. 4

Well, the holiday season is officially over, and Christmas Day brought us the NBA’s return… But there’s one player we’ll never see on an NBA floor again. We call this story, “Fuck Bubba Chuck.” With the new year I’ve vowed to make some improvements, but my language isn’t on the list. So I must warn you this may get a bit vulgar. This story begins in Hampton, Va. I decided to attend Hampton University, and would often hear about how “Chuck” would frequently appear on campus to show off his latest Mercedes and pick-up his hoochie of the day. As a life long Sixers fan, I was somewhat excited to know I may be able to cross paths with the then, cross-over king.

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